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Conservation projects by region

There are over sixty projects on more than forty sites.

The projects and the reports described here were ordered by various groups such as: Authorities of the Nature and National Parks, Antiquities, Runoff water Drainage; Municipalities of Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Akko; Universities and more.

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Conservation topics

This section details 20 conservation topics listed by order performed. Some topics are familiar and widely used, while some are new and innovative. In each, an effort is made to present a technical intervention specification.

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Conservation as a profession

The Earth is so simple, so clean and so apparent. Amongst its' important tasks, the earth holds the responsibility to conserve humanity's remnants and evidence of past cultures.

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Site development

The planning and development of heritage sites into visitor parks is an important tool for raising public awareness to the issue of conservation.

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The Vision

“To design the future of our architectural heritage."

This is the goal the Archaeology Conservation Center has set for itself in over a decade of activity. The Center is striving to reach this goal by carrying out planning, conservation, and development activities in various archaeological and historical sites throughout Israel.

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The Archaeology Conservation Center has been active since 1995 in numerous archaeological and historical sites throughout Israel and provides expertise in a wide array of conservation topics.

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In its ten years of activity, the Archeological Conservation Center, has specialized in a variety of conservation works related to site conservation including; the integration of conservation and development plans with the site's state of conservation and the intervention's success; reconstruction of architectural elements for conservation, presentation and development purposes; site development for visitors and business initiatives; training of conservators and staff; project management; partnerships with professional organizations.

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In this chapter, articles written by the staff and colleagues of the Archaeology Conservation Center will be presented. Some articles are general, while some deal with more specific and professional issues.

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