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The Archaeology Conservation Center has been active since 1995 in numerous archaeological and historical sites throughout Israel and provides expertise in a wide array of conservation topics.

The Archaeology Conservation Center Members

Asi shalom, Founder and Executive Director

Asi is an archaeologist (Hebrew University) and site conserver who did his post-graduate studies in Italy and England. Asi was one of the founders of the conservation department in the Israel Antiquities Authority in 1989. With 17 years of experience in more than 60 projects on 40 sites across Israel, Asi is an expert in ancient construction materials, decay process, all aspects of conservation, reconstruction, development and presentation, reproductions, project management and conservation training. He is in constant professional contact with leading national and international conservators and planners. Asi is the author of "Excavations and Conservation on Archaeological Sites " and the soon-to-be published "Planning and Development on Archaeological Sites" Both books are from the "Secrets of Ancient Building" series published by The Archaeology Conservation Center. He also contributed to the "Conservation of Ruins" a book by Prof. John Ashurst.

Dori Shalom, Archaeologist and Site Conservator.

Dori is an archaeologist (Ben Gurion University) who studied conservation in the Israel Antiquities Authority and trained with leading international conservation experts. She has more than 10 years of site conservation experience in Israel, specifically in the site of Masada. Her expertise includes identification of decay processes in sites, conservation of plaster, mosaics, soft stones, frescoes and walls, preventative treatment and training and management of conservation crews.

National and International Conservators and Planners: Colleagues of the Archaeology Conservation Center




Conservators in Israel:

Kimi Maman: Kimi is an expert in conservation, reconstruction, and site presentation with experience in numerous archaeological and historical sites. His expertise includes; formulating and applying compatible materials, project management and training.

Victor Uziel: Victor is an expert in onsite conservation of delicate elements, museum artifacts and art, reproductions and integration of the artifacts in exhibits and on sites.

Yehoshua Drier: Yeshu is an expert in conservation and reconstruction of ancient technologies, innovative technologies to facilitate excavations, visitor experience and presentation of archaeological sites.

International Conservators:

Roberto Nardi, Rome, Italy.

Roberto is an expert in all the fields of conservation: buildings, sites and artifacts, specializing in frescoes and mosaics. He is one of Europe's leading conservators. He has developed and published much on the conservation In-Situ philosophy and techniques..

Colin Burnes, London, England

Colin is an expert in building and site conservation. He is a leading expert in stabilizing walls and soft stone. He was a chief conservator and trainer for English Heritage.

Ugo Spano, London, England. Ugo is the Center's expert and referral to limes, conservation materials and laboratory testing.

ancient and compatible materials and innovative solutions and planning on sites. He has authored many books on a wide array of conservation topics; John heads, together with conservators Catherine Woolfitt and Graham Abrey, Ingram Consultancy.


Planners in Israel:

Giora Solar, conservation architect

Solar is the founder of the conservation department in the Israel Antiquities Authority. He is a senior conservation consultant in Israel and abroad (UNESCO, Iccomos, Getty, Icrom and others). A leading expert in creative planning and development of varying archaeological and historical sites and documentation of site's state of conservation, assessment and management plans.

Daniel Abuhatzera, conservation architect

Daniel is a leading expert of in depth understanding, planning and development of archaeological sites. His expertise is based on comprehensive research and data collection as a foundation for his architecture and development plans utilizing the principles of conservation.

International Planners:

Prof. John Ashurst, conservation architect, London England

Prof. Ashurst is one of the leading international and most senior experts in conservation. He specializes in



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