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In its ten years of activity, the Archeological Conservation Center, has specialized in a variety of conservation works related to site conservation including; the integration of conservation and development plans with the site's state of conservation and the intervention's success; reconstruction of architectural elements for conservation, presentation and development purposes; site development for visitors and business initiatives; training of conservators and staff; project management; partnerships with professional organizations.

The Center offers extensive services in all aspects of conservation and development of archeological and historical sites including:

  • Creating preliminary site assessments and concept plans based on the principles of conservation. See details in site development chapter.
  • Surveying, documenting and assessment of state of conservation while identifying the decay processes. This includes laboratory testing of materials and the construction of a preliminary conservation model and analysis of the characteristics, the quantity and the extent of the interventions and calculating costs.
  • The creation of a comprehensive conservation plan that integrates with the development of the site and surroundings.
  • Conservation and SOS treatments during archeological excavations.
  • Reburial of sites including prior stabilization and documentation and temporary or permanent covering of site with Geo-Textile cloth, sand and earth
  • Site conservation which includes: conservation of the whole structure or parts of it. Exterior: walls, wall-tops, foundations, roofs, plasters, eroded stones. Interior: plasters, floorings, mosaics and frescos.
  • Maintenance - varying treatments adjusted to the type of architectural elements and exposed materials, general treatment of structure or site before and after the rainy seasons, preventative and protective treatments against climate damages, land-development and vandalism.
  • Conservation of artifacts displayed off site such as: stone architectural elements and statues, frescos, mosaics and wooden, metal and ceramic objects In cooperation with leading international and Israeli experts.
  • Reproductions of originals such as: mosaics, frescos, architectural elements and missing structural parts needed for support in reconstructions.
  • Site reconstruction needed to conserve delicate or exposed architectural elements and develop presentation and business initiatives, such as: walls, lime plasters and frescoes, flooring and mosaics, roofing including domes and vaults.


  • Advanced reconstruction for site experience such as; structural parts, wall elevations and ancient technological installations.
  • Site development includes the integration of leading national and international professionals in order to create and implement dynamic and creative plans for the site according to the conservation guidelines and the client's vision. An initial assessment of costs is given that takes into consideration the site's level of decay and state of ruin and the interventions needed to turn it into a functional and maintained site. The costs of the conservation works will also be estimated while highlighting the site's uniqueness and historical sources.
  • Architectural and engineering planning of site reconstruction and development.
  • Site presentation including comprehensible content, visitor experience and activities.
  • Landscape planning.
  • Complete conservation project planning/development including:
    • Professional project management and supervision throughout the conservation and reconstruction process.
    • Logistical organization of site, calculating quantities, monitoring the intervention according to original concept plan, providing professional solutions throughout all stages of the project.
  • Training of conservators and workers for onsite conservation, reconstruction and development work including: on-going training for professional crews in formulating and applying of compatible materials, training courses for general employees in conservation skills, training courses in preventative measures for site managers and maintenance workers.
  • Organization of seminars and conferences for archaeologists, related professionals and the general public regarding all aspects of site and artifact conservation.


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