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The Vision

“To design the future of our architectural heritage."

This is the goal the Archaeology Conservation Center has set for itself in over a decade of activity. The Center is striving to reach this goal by carrying out planning, conservation, and development activities in various archaeological and historical sites throughout Israel.

Only in the past 100 years have individuals and establishments began to acknowledge the significance of past generations’ architectural achievements. In the last 50 years, the need and awareness to conserve these works as a positive action for enriching the present and creating broadened horizons for the future has risen.

The fragile nature of the architectural heritage requires conservation intervention of the highest quality and capability.

The great significance of the archaeological and historical sites poses the challenge that all interventions must be of the highest degree of authenticity. The sites could be irreparably damaged by the slightest intervention error to either, the site, the structure or the element.

In spite of all the aforementioned and with so many sites across Israel presently exposed and at risk, there are very few experts in planning and conservation of sites.

Site conservation as a profession, requires years of training, practical experience, dedication and passion. In a world full of merging cultures, over-saturated with readily available data and advanced technology, the challenge of site conservation turns from a vision to an immense responsibility and a great test for our generation.

With over 20,000 exposed sites throughout Israel, most without protection and maintenance, policy based on; sporadic decisions; budget confrontations, miscalculated priorities; and late and inefficient interventions, cannot continue.

The future of heritage site conservation must be on a course resembling the success of nature conservation, in Israel and across the globe: identification of issues, priorities and risks, creative planning, professional conservation, development and presentation, raising public awareness, and professional training for next generations.

In Israel, as in most European countries, the state cannot bear the budgetary cost of conservation, developing, and maintaining heritage sites. In Europe, the private sector has grasped the significance of the sites and its capability to contribute to the problem and initiated conservation foundations based on private funding, hence the call for a similar initiative in Israel.

As part of our vision, the Archaeology Conservation Center is acting together with leading figures in the fight to support site conservation in Israel, to form and promote “The National Foundation for Conservation of Heritage Sites " funded by the private sector. Furthermore, the Archaeology Conservation Center is initiating the formation of a small, professional body, in the Prime Minister Office, which will centralize and act on all matters of conservation of architectural heritage throughout the State.


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